Why Does The Media Tear Women Down?

women“Why does the media have to tear women down? And why do we have to tear other women down to build another woman up?” ~ Reese Witherspoon

I love this quote about how society thrives on gossip and judging others. It’s no wonder we are becoming more narcissistic and obsessed with our appearance.

Look at how the media chases female celebrities desperate to get a picture revealing cellulite on their thighs or a protruding belly. All so we can judge them; tear them down. Does that really make us feel better about ourselves?

Take a look at the popularity of reality shows where you see women in catfights trying to destroy each other, portraying a barbaric look at our society and our values. Women are encouraged to use their looks as a means to climb the ladder of success or find the “perfect man.”

And who watches “The bachelor?” It amazes me the number of my friends and family members who reluctantly admit they “love this show.” The Chicago Tribune posted an article  `Bachelor’ Gives New Demeaning to Reality Shows 

“Each woman either seems on the verge of tears or ready to scratch her rivals’ eyes out.”  

 Another article on  Why “The Bachelor” Demeans Woman…  from the online site,  Miss Strong  states: 

Our world has an ideal fantasy of the woman that has dated back for thousands of years. We use art, television, media, and even daily interactions with friends or in the school hallways to constantly remind women of what they should be, and what they are expected to be. Women are not cardigan sweaters that get purchased after someone surveys the entire store for better sweaters. You either know you want the sweater you see, or you don’t. Watching a roomful of women in high heels and plastered whitened smiles stare at a man while he takes his pick from the litter does not reveal their individual potential, nor show the world how strong and real they can be

This attitude encourages women to use their looks as a value of success and fuels competition with one another. I mean it blows my mind that we have cheerleaders in schools/ professional football games and girls who walk the ring at professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fights, all scantily dressed and encouraged to use their sexuality to promote these events. It surprising after all these years and the evolution of the feminist movement, we still promote this kind of thinking.

Syracuse.com reports, five former Buffalo Bills cheerleaders filed suit against their own team, alleging that the Buffalo Jills were required to perform unpaid work for the team for about 20 hours a week. Unpaid activities included: submitting to a weekly “jiggle test” (where cheer coaches “scrutinized the women’s stomach, arms, legs, hips, and butt while she does jumping jacks”); parading around casinos in bikinis “for the gratification of the predominantly male crowd”; and offering themselves up as prizes at a golf tournament, where they were required to sit on men’s laps on the golf carts, submerge themselves in a dunk tank, and perform backflips for tips (which they did not receive)

Celebrity, Joseph Gordon-Levitt  when asked by Ellen DeGeneres if he was a feminist, summed it up perfectly ” I learned gender equality at a young age.”

“We would always watch Lakers games as a family, but my mom would always point out every time the cheerleaders came on, ’OK, so look, here’s the story that gets told: The men get to be the heroic skilled athletes and the women just get to be pretty. She wanted me and my brother to be aware of it because we see these images on TV, in the movies, and in magazines all the time. And if you don’t stop and think about it, it just sort of seeps into your brain and that becomes the way you perceive reality.”


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  1. tarak says:

    I definitely agree. Media has a huge impact into how people are perceived and also how we treat each other. It’s on a subconscious level which makes it even more powerful and difficult to reverse.


    1. @fitone says:

      Great point. Thanks so much for your comment and visiting my blog. 🙂


  2. It is a vicious cycle. We have to keep talking about it and call out the offenders.


  3. Fabi Blogger says:

    I love what you wrote about Joseph-Gordon Levitt. His mom taught to see things differently. Ultimtely, it is up to us as women to break this vicious cycle of demeaning women. Women are raising the next generation, so let’s raise them right!


    1. @fitone says:

      I know she was a very wise woman! Thanks for reading and your comment 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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