Age Gracefully With These Five Tips

theartof aging

Why does aging have to be so difficult?  Most people dread getting older and the arrival of yet another birthday to remind them of their lost youth.

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Are we all  doomed to suffer from weight gain, fading locks, wrinkles, and aches and pains as we advance into the “Golden Years?”  The answer is yes and no.  We all get older but our lifestyle greatly influences how we age.

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So what can we do to age with grace?  You can design a lifestyle to stay  strong, flexible, and healthy,  by following these five tips:

  1.  Eat a healthy diet most of the time including good quality protein, organic fruits and vegetables.  Feel free to splurge occasionally for special occasions. 
  2. Perform strength training 2-3 times per week to increase lean muscle and boost metabolism.
  3. Drink water to help skin look it’s best and to avoid dehydration which zaps energy.  In Age gracefully with a positive attitude, strong mind and healthy body Patricia Mitchell, RN, CPT  suggests, “Dehydration can make your skin look older and accentuate wrinkles. Remember to drink water throughout the day to help maintain the skin’s elasticity. Proper hydration will keep the skin firm and supple.”
  4.  Learn yoga by trying some online classes, go to a studio, or try a class at your local gym. You will improve flexibility, strength and balance.

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5. Read, travel, and take up a new hobby to keep your brain sharp as you age.

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  1. bitzy-ku says:

    Good tips, thank you for sharing 🙂

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    1. @fitone says:

      Thanks so much for reading!!


  2. wonderwomanweights says:

    Love these tips!


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