Is Your Coffee A Healthy Brew?

Snowbird In Training

I have to admit I’m a coffee addict. What do I love about coffee? I LOVE the sensory aspect of it;  the sound of the coffee brewing, the aroma, the steam rising from my cup, and the very first sip. It’s comforting to me; like a warm blanket on a cold day. Since I drink so much coffee, I wanted to make sure that what I was drinking was a good quality, healthy brew. I also found interesting research regarding paper filters.

coffeeinchinacupI typically start my day with two to three cups. I have to admit, I would drink more throughout the day, but alas, caffeine affects my sleep. Also, did you know that coffee brewed without a paper filter can raise your cholesterol? I found that interesting since I discovered my cholesterol was elevated during my last physical. This really surprised me since I’ve always considered myself to be…

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