Three Reasons Your Workouts Aren’t Effective

Snowbird In Training

You may be surprised that although you workout consistently and usually opt for organic food choices, you may not be as healthy as you think.  Check out the three reasons below that may be affecting your “so called healthy lifestyle.

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  1. You Think “Organic “Always Means “Healthy”   I’ve seen many clients I train who swear they have a healthy diet but when I ask them to put it on paper it’s a different story.  Food products are plastered with deceptive advertising such as fat free, reduced sugar, organic, and all natural.   I have one client who swears she makes healthy meal choices but snacks all day on “organic snacks”  such as organic cheese crackers, roasted nuts, or organic cookies.  However, if you check out the ingredient list on some of these products you may be surprised at what you are actually eating.


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