The Rigors Of Acceptance

person holding head facing body of water
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“And the view was suddenly clear to me. The world opened out to its grim beyonds and I realized that, at forty, one must learn the rigors of acceptance. Capitalize it: Acceptance. I needed to accept what was put before me–be it a watery grave in Ireland’s only natural fjord, or a return to the city and its grayer intensities, or a wordless exile in some steaming Cambodian swamp hole, or poems or no poems, or children or not, lovers or not, illness or otherwise, success or its absence. I would accept all that was put in my way, from here on through until I breathed my last.” 
― Kevin Barry

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  1. What is it about turning 40? That birthday caused me to examine my life more than any ever had. Terrific quote.

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    1. Exactly. If you’re like me, you will find yourself examining your life more each year. I guess that’s a good thing.

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  2. CJ Porter says:

    Needed to read that today. Thank you!

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