Self-worth and It’s A Wonderful Life

Snowbird In Training


Self-love and self-worth are vital traits for personal development and creating healthy relationships throughout our lives. It’s not about ego or being selfish, it’s about understanding the value we bring to this world. Self worth affects how we relate to others in personal and professional realtionships.  It allows us to push our limits and explore possibilities. Perhaps you were born to cure the common cold, become a scientist, solve world hunger.

In our vast universe, it’s easy to see ourselves as insignificant. How can just one person make a difference?  Take a look at the character, George (Jimmy Stewart) in- It’s A Wonderful Life he prevented the pharmacist from poisoning a child and subsequently going to jail; he saved his brother’s life, and even saved Bedford Falls!!”  Ultimately he became suicidal and saw no value in himself or his potential contributions to society. 


“Clarence: Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s…

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