Snowfall A Beautiful Reminder Of Life

“Snow is…a beautiful reminder of life and all its quirks. It makes me pause. Think. Stay still. Even my mind takes the hint. It makes me feel giddy. Like a kid. I bring my hot cocoa to the window and simply sit and reminisce…It brings me back to days of school cancellations and snow igloos and King of the Mountain games in my childhood neighborhood…That for this one moment in time, I’m not an adult with all the headaches that can accompany that responsibility, but instead, I’m still the girl in pigtails with the handmade hat and mittens, just waiting to build her next snowman.”
 R.B. O’Brien

I love this quote! Although we may get a little snow during the winter in north Georgia, it’s usually less than two inches- once or twice a year. Our weather forecast reported a possibility of up to an inch of snow this weekend. We ended up with 5 to 6 inches! I had to cancel my morning fitness class and since I had already had my oatmeal and two cups of coffee, I was too energized to stay indoors. I decided instead to try and take a walk around our hilly neighborhood.

The walk was surreal as I trekked along our neighborhood path where the snow was fresh and undisturbed. It was odd how the snow changed the look of my familiar surroundings and I felt like I was back in western Virginia. Although I love Georgia, it doesn’t compare to the beauty of the Virginia mountains in the fall and winter. However, this beautiful snowfall brought me back to my youth and it almost seemed a shame to disturb the beauty with my footprints. It definitely made me pause and feel gratitude for the beauty in our world.

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  1. I love snow too, but we don’t get much, or haven’t in a few years. My mother’s family is from West Virginia. I’ve made two trips there in my life to visit family, and the last thing she got to do before she died this fall was to take a three week trip out there. And one last comment–good gosh you are beautiful! I think you fit right it with the beauty of the snow and mountains.

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    1. I’m so glad your mother was able to see Virginia again before she died. Fall is such a wonderful time of year in Virginia so she went at the perfect time to experience the beautiful mountain views and fall colors. We lived in Colorado when my dad was in the Air Force and he always wanted to go back and visit but never did before he died. My sister and I are planning a trip there soon and it makes me wish there was some way we could have made that trip possible for our dad before he died. And thanks so much for your nice compliment. It made my day!

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