Feel These Muscles They Boast The Truth


“Feel these muscles and understand how they boast the truth!”― Hiromu ArakawaFullmetal Alchemist Box Set

If you want defined muscles, you need to work the entire body with compound and isolation exercises. You can’t just work the biceps or the chest and expect to have a defined upper body. Additionally, you need to do more than just squats to get lower body definition; your program would need exercises to isolate the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. Focusing on a single muscle group without thought to the rest of your body sets you up for muscle imbalance and injury.  Furthermore, it won’t give you the definition you are looking for from weight training workouts. For defined arms, you need to work both heads of the bicep, three heads of the tricep, and the medial, rear, and anterior delts. In addition, you could perform a compound exercise like a pushup that works the chest, core, and utilizes the triceps as an accessory muscle group.

Therefore, consider consulting a professional to set you up on a program that utilizes all the major muscle groups effectively and provides appropriate recovery periods. They can suggest a program that combines isolation for definition and compound exercises that work several muscles at once. A professional trainer can also suggest nutritional requirements such as protein sources, complex carbs, healthy fats, and any needed supplementation.


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