Self-Quarantine Improvement Challenge Week 2

“You only grow when you are alone.”
― Paul Newman

  1.  Practice gratitude and meditation upon arising – I go through periods where I do this consistently and it always puts me in a better frame of mind. This is a great way to start your day. I also love to incorporate stretching and yoga while listening to gratitude affirmations. Simply close your eyes, breathe, and listen to the affirmations as you hold each stretch for one minute.


2.  Try new workouts – Since my gym is closed and I’m not teaching, I need to get creative with some different workouts. This schedule change will provide a great opportunity to see how my body responds to different workouts. Although I’m certified in Pilates, I haven’t taught it in quite a while. Pilates produced amazing ab definition and core strength for me when I was teaching it on a regular basis.

Also, went on a hike this past weekend and forgot how much I loved the trails. The elevation and terrain provided a good challenge for me.

Looking forward to adding both hiking and pilates to my new routine.

Featured Image -- 10302










3.  Read a new book! I found two new books this past weekend.

How The World Works– Philosophy From the Ancient Greeks to great thinkers of modern times


Tuesdays with Morrie  a memoir by author Mitch Albom – I listened to this audiobook a couple of months ago and loved it! Can’t wait to read the book!

4. Connect more with my family and loved ones. Since I’m not working due to our current pandemic, now is the perfect time to slow down and re-connect with my brothers and sisters. I’m surprised at what a challenge it is to spend more time at home without the busyness of my work schedule. I grew up in a small town and staying at home and keeping ourselves busy was “our normal.” Therefore,  due to the lack of a current job I need to find ways to stay more productive during my free time.

This week I plan to write letters again and visit my family more frequently when travel becomes a safe option. Since my mother’s death two years ago, I fear that I will lose touch with my brothers and sisters. My mother was the reason for our family get-togethers and we all enjoyed catching up and spending time with one another. However, over the past few years, it seems we’ve all begun to put off visits to one another and as time goes on it becomes easier and easier. Now is the perfect time to prioritize those relationships.

5. Muscle Development- Although I get consistent weight training when teaching my classes, this will be a great time to focus on specific muscle development. Instead of the compound exercises, I frequently teach in my classes, I plan to prioritize single muscle groups by adding more weight and isolation exercises. Also, I will focus on better nutrition awareness regarding the proper amount of protein pre and post-workout and allowing sufficient recovery time.

6. Practice my yoga arm-balances – Spring has arrived and I love the warmer temps, spring flowers, and the lovely sounds of the birds chirping outside my window. I love to start my morning with coffee and yoga. However, I’ve put off more advanced poses over the past year to let my shoulder heal and it’s time to bite the bullet and get back to a more challenging practice.  This week I plan to work on perfecting my  Crow, Side Crow, and Flying Pigeon 🙂

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