Life Is Not The Same As It Was Before


hands with latex gloves holding a globe with a face mask
Photo by Anna Shvets on

“We are living in the world of pandemic.
Life is not the same as it was before.
We have to choose new ways of living.
Being ignorance or in denial won’t make you immune to the virus.
Choose to be responsible and always be careful. Watch what you do, where you go and what you touch. You can practice your freedom by choosing to be safe.”
― De philosopher DJ Kyos

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  1. Debra Mohr says:

    Great post. We can adapt and adjust!

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    1. Thanks Debra! I totally agree 🙂 I hope all is well. Are you still teaching?


  2. Off topic, but we were watching a movie starring Debbie Gibson last night. Aside from me thinking, “Wow—she looks fantastic,” I also kept thinking she looked like someone else. Then I realized it was you!

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    1. I always loved Debbie Gibson and yes- she looks amazing. Thank you for the compliment. How are you doing during all these changes?

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      1. I’m well. I live in a small, somewhat isolated town so that makes it easier. I’ve been especially enjoying my running and lifting. How are you?

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      2. That’s great! I always disliked living in a small town when I was growing up but now it sounds nice 🙂 I’ve had a tough transition trying to do all my workouts at home. Doing mostly walking since it’s been so hot. Hoping to get back to running in when the temperatures drop. Glad all is well!

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      3. It is hot, that’s for sure! Happy walking.


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