Four Steps To Optimize Health

“Your body is an amazing self-regulating, self-correcting wonder! Access its wisdom.”
― Amy Leigh Mercree

No one knows how long their life will be, but I suspect we all want to live a healthy life, free of sickness, disease, and pain. Well here’s the good news, we have the ability to stack the odds in our favor when it comes to disease prevention. It’s up to us to put in the work to discover how to optimize our health and then put a plan into action. The sooner the better!

Our bodies are like vehicles- you can’t expect a car to continue to run if you don’t have it serviced on a regular basis. You have to get the oil changed and get regular service checks or it will eventually break down. Just like our car, our bodies need the proper fuel and maintenance to optimize our performance. Therefore it’s equally important to have regular medical checkups at the doctor and dentist to promote wellness and to catch any issues before they multiply.

Just like the quote above, access your wisdom and take charge of your health. Here are 4 easy steps to start you on your path today for living your best life!

  1. Knowledge is power! Make sure you have an annual checkup with bloodwork to help determine if there are any issues that need to be addressed. You may discover you have high blood pressure or high blood sugar that needs to be corrected to avoid more serious health problems in the future. Additionally your doctor can determine if you have any nutritional deficiencies that may need to be addressed with diet and supplementation. And don’t forget about taking care of your teeth. Dental health is vital to a healthy body, therefore make sure to get a dental checkup every six months.
  2. Set a weekly schedule for exercise and put it on your calendar. These days there are no excuse not to exercise. Walking can be done almost anywhere without the need for any expensive equipment. Additionally, YouTube has tons of content that is available for any fitness level. So try searching for whatever peaks your interest and you’ll find it’s easier than ever to start a workout schedule.
  3. Research nutrition and began to optimize your diet each week by experimenting with new healthy dishes. Begin to track your intake of fruits and veggies each day. Additionally make sure you track your water intake to ensure proper hydration.
  4. Brain health and sleep – Take steps to work on brain health through dietary intake of healthy fats, good sleep, and stimulating your mind through regular exercise and meditation.

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