Spin, Sweat, Meditate

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Spin is a great non impact workout that can help you burn fat and lose weight.

I just recently purchased a spin bike on Amazon a couple of weeks ago for under $300.

It’s well worth the money especially as I patiently wait for my knee to heal. Spinning provides a safe and effective low impact workout while I take a break from running. I also love the convenience of working out at home if I don’t have time to get to the gym.

I’ve found a great variety of spin workouts on YouTube such as strength, endurance, or high intensity calorie burn. Therefore the options are endless in regards to time, intensity and goal.

Here is the one I just finished. I got an amazing workout in around twenty minutes.

Just check out the many benefits below:


Also, meditation is a great way to relieve stress, improve health and sleep. Check out the new “Calm” app to guide you through simple meditations and proper breathing techniques.




Train To Run Your First 5K

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Immune Boosting Orange Smoothie

Coconut milk, 2 cutie oranges, cup of cantaloupe, cup of fresh spinach, hemp protein and fiber, organic flax , cinnamon and crushed ice

Live healthier by doing yoga with this expert advice for beginners

yogatwistWhen you think of yoga, do you think of someone extremely flexible who can contort their body in ways that seem unimaginable. Do you see an image of a yogi (a yoga practitioner) sitting on the floor in a pretzel like position chanting mantras?

The truth is yoga is what you make it and can be as simple as a stretching routine, a highly skilled strength and athletic workout, or a more deeply spiritual practice. Yoga can be tailored to fit your personality, your lifestyle and/or your particular health and fitness needs. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how flexible you are; yoga is for everyone. If you want to increase strength, flexibility, balance and reduce stress in your life, then yoga is for you.

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Live healthier by doing yoga with this expert advice for beginners.