Spin, Sweat, Meditate

Post Spin ūüėď

Spin is a great non impact workout that can help you burn fat and lose weight.

I just recently purchased a spin bike on Amazon a couple of weeks ago for under $300.

It’s well worth the money especially as I patiently wait for my knee to heal. Spinning provides a safe and effective low impact workout while I take a break from running. I also love the convenience of working out at home if I don’t have time to get to the gym.

I’ve found a great variety of spin workouts on YouTube such as strength, endurance, or high intensity calorie burn. Therefore the options are endless in regards to time, intensity and goal.

Here is the one I just finished. I got an amazing workout in around twenty minutes.

Just check out the many benefits below:


Also, meditation is a great way to relieve stress, improve health and sleep. Check out the new “Calm” app to guide you through simple meditations and proper breathing techniques.




My daily Challenge For Lent


I love the season of Lent and how it reminds me to slow down and put my life into perspective. I often have trouble coming up with ideas of what “to give up” for the forty day period. Over the past several years, I’ve decided to put more thought into my Lenten promise; and the likelihood of me actually following through. I mean one year I actually tried to give up peanut butter and chocolate. What was I thinking??


Then there was the year I chose to give up social media. That didn’t work either. Although I thought I had plenty of willpower; forty days is a lot longer than you think.


Therefore I decided this time to keep it simple this year. I put much more thought into my choices and came up with the following:

  1. Spend more time each day on my daily readings and in prayer. I signed up for two social media sites that would deliver daily Lent readings to my inbox. These are wonderful reminders and often offer different perspectives on the readings. One of the sites is USCCB.org and the other is UCATHOLIC.com
  2. Meatless Friday– This one is pretty easy. I can have fish but usually end up eating veggies, pasta, or cheese pizza. I put a reminder in my phone so I don’t forget. food-dinner-lemon-rice.jpg
  3. Intermittent Fasting– There are many different types of fasting. I decided to do the fast where you eat during an eight-hour window during the day and then fast for 15 hours. This is a good challenge for me since I love breakfast. I typically eat every morning at 6 am, so to hold out until 9 or 10 am is a quite a challenge.
  4. No Peanut Butter– I truly am addicted to peanut butter so although it was nearly impossible for me to give up chocolate and peanut butter at the same time, giving up one is doable.
  5. Do something nice for someone everyday. Start at home with your family and then expand to others throughout your day. It can be as simple as a compliment, a card, a gift, holding the door for someone, paying for someone’s meal, etc. The goal is to make someone’s day better. gift-made-surprise-loop-40562.jpeg

Immune Boosting Orange Smoothie

Coconut milk, 2 cutie oranges, cup of cantaloupe, cup of fresh spinach, hemp protein and fiber, organic flax , cinnamon and crushed ice

Preconceived Ideas and Yoga

I remember when I¬†first started taking fitness classes over twenty years ago.¬†I was into all the high-intensity classes like boot camp, kickbox, and spin; I¬†had no desire to ever waste my time taking a¬†‚Äúboring yoga class.” crow2I had preconceived ideas about the people that practiced yoga. As far as I was concerned; yoga wasn’t even a workout. I was certain¬†I wouldn’t break a sweat. I assumed all “yogis” were born flexible and all they did was sit on their mat chanting mantras. ¬†Many of the poses I had seen in magazines¬†were advanced handstands or some sort of twisted pretzel pose that looked so unachievable, I dismissed the idea of ever stepping foot into ¬†a yoga class.

Fast forward twenty years or more and believe it or not, I’m the one in the picture above doing a yoga arm balance, crow pose. Luckily I discovered that preconceived ideas¬†are limiting and can prevent us from experiencing a full life. Back in the¬†90s, I took a job as a group fitness coordinator at a local gym. The owner wanted to add yoga to our program and as a¬†group¬†fitness coordinator,¬†I was¬†required to teach¬†all¬†the classes on¬†our schedule. I was extremely intimidated by yoga¬†but decided it was my job to take on the challenge.

I needed to get yoga on the schedule and introduced successfully to our members. I reluctantly signed up for a basic certification class and was introduced to some basic, intermediate, and a few advanced poses. Although I was not very flexible, I learned that I could actually do yoga and that it was surprisingly a very challenging workout.

Aside from the flexibility and strength benefits, I learned that the relaxation and meditative aspects of the practice were invaluable. As I begin to teach yoga, I realized that I didn’t need to be extremely flexible, or know all  the Sanskrit (words for yoga poses and concepts) to be a good teacher. I made the class my own and started as a beginner with my students. Over the years, I gained more knowledge, confidence, and developed a love for the practice.

Yoga is now one of my favorite classes to teach and I hope to inspire others to open their mind to the practice and what a difference it can make in their lives. The benefits of yoga are endless; it improves strength, balance, flexibility and strengthens the core. In addition, it is an amazing stress reliever; once you learn to let go and relax, you become better equipped to  handle anything life throws your way.

If you are new to yoga, make sure to start with a basic class and a qualified instructor who is certified to teach yoga. One of my favorite teachers is world renowned instructor, Rodney Yee, who has been featured in over 25 top-selling yoga videos.
Below is a link to youtube if you want to try his beginner class.

Rodney Yee Yoga for Beginners