Amazing Total Body Workout



Try my Amazing Total Body Workout circuit that hits cardio, strength and flexibility.  Complete each exercise back to back with quick rest and water break at the end of the circuit.  Repeat circuit 3 to 4 times.  Finish with yoga stretch routine.

Warmup-  Bodyweight – 5-7 minutes



  1. Indoor Cycle – 3 mins of fast paced interval work  (WORKS HEART/ LEGS/GLUTES)


2.  Incline Barbell Chest Press- 12 Reps  (UPPER BODY CHEST)

3.  Barbell Bicep Curl- 12 Reps (Upper BODY BICEPS)


4.  Pull- Up – 5 Reps (UPPER BODY BACK)


5.  Battleropes 45 Secs (FULL BODY/ CORE)


6.  DB Rear Delt Fly- 12 Reps (UPPER BODY SHOULDERS/back)


7.  DB Side Raise- 12 Reps (UPPER BODY SHOULDERS)


8.  Weight Plate Tricep Extension 12 Reps (UPPER BODY TRICEPS)


Bicycle Abs 45 secs – (CORE ABS)


 Water Break-   Complete this circuit 3-4 times

Final stretch – 6 Min Post Workout Yoga


Extreme Lean Body Workout


Push up/ Side plank (right and left = 1 rep) 16 reps

Plyometric jump lunges 16 reps

Barbell Clean and Press 16 reps

Complete 3 x


Barbell Deadlift 16 reps

Burpee push up 16 reps

Barbell row 16 reps

Complete 3 x


barbell chest press 16 reps

Plyometric squat jumps 16 reps

Plank row 16 reps

Complete 3 x


Heavy handweights plie squat with bicep 16 reps

Plyometric star jack 16 reps

barbell bicep curl 16 reps

Complete 3 x


Pullups 8 reps -drop to push up 8 reps

burpees 16 reps

Weighted plates on lap tricep dip 16 reps

Complete 3 x



25 sit-ups, 25 Bicycles, 25 crunches, 25 reverse curls- Repeat 3X